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New London Motorcycle Club Membership information

Welcome! On behalf of the New London Motorcycle Club we would like to thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in joining us as a new member.

Club Goals
The goal of our club is to unite as like minded people with a common interest of combining motorcycle riding with a desire to help others and to ensure the safety of motorcyclists.  We achieve this by participating and promoting charitable good deeds and by enhancing positive relations with the general public, the press, and operators of motorcycles.  The club publicly supports a variety of charities including motorcycle charity events and hosts charitable events on club owned property.  We also strive to protect and enrich the lives of motorcyclists by providing ongoing rider training for all levels of rider skills.

To qualify for membership, an applicant must be at least 16 years old, attends a combination of three meetings or events within a 12 month period, and is willing to support the object of the Club.


In the event the applicant attends more then one event in a 24 hour period, the sum total of said events shall only be counted as one event towards membership qualification.


A prospect recruited by a member of the Club, may meet the requirement by participating in County Chapter events, which will count towards the membership requirement. 


Applicants must be present themselves for the final event, at a Club Business meeting in which a vote will be taken to accept with a 2/3rds majority or reject the applicant’s request to become a member.


In the event the applicant is never available to appear at a Thursday Business meeting due to obligations, the applicant may then submit an application to the County Chairperson.  The County Chairperson will then review the application at the request of the sponsor and present it at a Business meeting for a vote.  The Chairperson may also act as a sponsor. 


A.  To qualify for the Widowers Clause, any affiliate member, that is the spouse of a regular member, shall upon the death of the regular member, become a life member of the Club, and shall not be required to pay dues.


Upon successfully being voted into membership, said applicant will be on probation for twelve months. 


Eligibility for Full Patch Membership:

To qualify for a full patch membership, the applicant must own and operate a motorcycle as defined, or is a direct affiliate of a member who owns and operates a motorcycle as defined. 


Definition of Direct Affiliate:  Only one person may be considered a direct affiliate.  Someone who is a spouse, son, daughter, or a significant other living in the same household.



Application Fees: An application fee of $35.00 shall be assessed to all new memberships. New applicant memberships will receive a copy of the bylaws, a large patch, a small club patch, and a club sticker.


The membership year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.  Dues shall be due on January 1st and payable no later than March 31st.   Anyone who has not paid their dues by the following April 1st shall not be considered a member in good standing, shall loose all Club privileges, shall not hold a position and shall not participate in any Club events or outings, and shall be assessed a late fee. Anyone who has not paid their dues by May 1st, shall not be considered a member in good standing, shall loose all Club privileges, shall not hold a position and shall not participate in any Club events or outings, and shall be assessed an additional late fee. Anyone who has not paid their dues by December 31st shall no longer be considered a member of the Club, and will be subject to the application process for a new member once again.  Members who are dealing with family illness or financial hardship, may apply for a waiver to the President or an e-board member, and may be authorized to continue their membership with partial membership benefits, terminating no later than December 31st.  Said member until such time that the Club has been made whole, shall not have the privilege of holding any position and may not be allowed to vote.

Membership Fee:

$60.00            Adult Membership

Late Fees:

$10.00 fee assessed on April 1st

$20.00 fee assessed on May 1st

New Memberships after October 1st:

New members shall only be required to pay the application fee of $35.00, until renewal time.

Ready to Join the New London Motorcycle Club?
If you're ready to join or just want to check us out in general...

1. Give us a call, leave a message and a member from our club will contact you:
(860) 848-3341

2. Click 
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3. Or simply attend one of our meetings (7:00 p.m. off season, 8:00 p.m. riding season) at our clubhouse: 
330 Moxley Road, Montville, CT