New London

              Motorcycle Club

Club Gear and Etiquette

Official Club Patches
Large and small patches can be purchased from the Secretary. Contact Margo Adams for sewing requests.

T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Transfers
Please notify the E-Board one week in advance if you would like the NLMC official insignia transferred to your personal T-Shirts, sweatshirts, etc. The E-Board will ensure that someone is available to operate the equipment the following week.

Satin and Wool Embroidered Jackets
See Tom Yuchniuk to order. Jackets are personalized with your name on the right chest and the AMA Club Charter on the right.

Honor Guard Vests and Ascots
Honor Guard members can purchase their own uniform vests and ascots from Hot Leathers in So. Windsor.

Motorcycle Flags
Show your club pride by adding a club flag to your ride! See Bubba to purchase.


                               Motorcycle Flag



Satin Embroidered Jacket


New London Motorcycle Club





1. Drill Team:

Assembly: Variable            (1) Road Captain             (2) Selected Team

Made up of  riders with the highest professional skills, chosen by the Road Captain to become part of an elite drill team that represents the Club at parades and demonstrations at charitable events.


2. Honor Guard Riding/Escorts:

Assembly    ( 2 x 2 )             (1) H.G. Captain              (1) President

8 Feet Apart                          (2) Road Captain            (2) Sgt at Arms

 ___   ___   ___   ___             (3) Blocker R. Sgt.*        (3) Blocker R. Sgt.*

 ___   ___   ___   ___             (4) 2nd V. President        (4) V. President

                                               Mid Group Leader/Observer (CB)***

                                               Rear Sweeper/Observer (CB)

Honor Guard Riders are solo riders, no passengers allowed. Good riding skills are required.


3. Standard Sanctioned Club Ride:

Assembly (Dual Stag.)         (1) Road Captain              (2) President

        ___       ___        ___      (3)  V. President              (4) Sgt at Arms 
___       ___        ___              (5)  Blocker*                    (6)
Mid Group Leader/Observer (CB)**

                                               Rear Sweeper Observer (CB)

Club riders participating with a Club riding group must have fair basic safe riding skills and are able to follow the Club riding protocol. Riders must also possess a motorcycle driver’s license and carry insurance on their motorcycle.


4. Secondary or Split Club Sanction Rides:

Assembly (Dual Stag.)         (1) Road Captain/Sergeant    (2) Ranking Officer***

                                               (3) Blocker*                             (4) Blocker*

                                               Mid Group Leader/Observer (CB)**

                                               Rear Sweeper Observer (CB)


County District Rides:****

Assembly (Dual Stag.)       (1) Road Sergeant                    (2) Chairman

                                             (2) Co-Chairman  

A Road Sergeant leading a County group to a Club ride will relinquish the lead upon joining the main column lead by the Road Captain, designee, or a ranking Club Officer.


*Note:  Blockers must be solo riders. No passengers allowed while blocking.

**Note:  Mid group leaders can be any designee of the ride leader. Mid group leader will also serve as an      observation function, identifying yoyo riders, unsafe riders, or riders not following the protocol. Reporting same to the ride leader.

***Note:  Ranking Officers are (1) President (2) V .President (3) 2nd V. President  (4) Secretary
(5) Treasurer  (6) Honor Guard Captain (7) County Chairman (8) County Co-Chairman


1.  County District Road Sergeants will be made upon recommendation of the County Chairman. Approval is done by the Club Road Captain and the position expires on election day each year, on the first Thursday in November.

2.  County District Chairman will take the place of Road Sergeant if no such position exists in said County District.    





*Use electrical turn signals only. Do not use hand signals to indicate a turn.


1 Finger Raised:  Single File behind the ride leader. If leader stays to center move to center, if to the right move to the right of roadway. Watch for recovery of blockers or emergency equipment approaching.


Left Arm Raised:  Pointed up and overhead pointing right indicates object in roadway,

right side. Recover position after passing obstruction.


2 Fingers Raised:  Side by side riding assembly 2 x 2 leave 1 bike length in front of you.

Stay in position until new signal is shown.


Left Arm w/Fist:  Pointed up w/clench fist forming an “L” means return to dual staggered positions.


Bar to Bar:  A term used to identify position, leaving some parking lots. Leaving a parking lot with a wide opening, riders will form lateral rows (10-12) filling in the entire width of the opening. On signal the first row exits out to the center line and the second row out to the inside or right side of road. A third row would fill in the back. This gets a large group into the roadway in a matter of seconds.


Ready to Go - Traffic Lights:  When the group is stopped at a traffic control signal, all riders should be prepared to move as soon as the signal changes. This means you have down shifted to 1st gear upon stopping and holding the clutch ready to go. If you delay you will create a domino effect, preventing the rear of the column from legally getting through the light. DO NOT perform any activity that delays your readiness when the signal light changes.


Ready to GoStop Signs:  The first two bikes will stop or slow to a stop at stop signs. At this point the column will bunch still slowly moving. The lead will then proceed, possibly using blockers and the column will then move through the intersection tightly as one long unit. If blockers are used prepare for single file after the intersection to recover the blockers back to the front. Move back into position immediately following the blockers passing you on the left.


Deployment of Blockers:  The leader may from time to time deploy blockers at intersections for safety purposes. It is safer to move the entire group at once. Safety is always the number one goal. When blockers are deployed, said blockers will deploy left or right turning back with the flow of traffic and then to a stop. This is the same as an unrelated vehicle deciding to stop at the intersection allowing the entire column of motorcycles to pass through as a courtesy.

YOYO Rider - Some riders lose focus and pace. It’s always the same riders. When Interstate or Highway riding, this allows access for 4 wheelers to break the formation. This is also a real big problem on secondary roads controlled by traffic signals as a stretched out column will not make it through green control signals causing the front section of the column to have to pull over to the shoulder to wait for the rest to catch up.  Maintain a maximum distance 20 feet between you and the bike in front of you.    Don’t be a recipient of the YOYO Award!

                                XXXXXXXX                        20’                           XXXXXXXX

                                                      /     6’       XXXXXXXX       6’       /


Formation Change: If a bike drops out of formation changing the dynamics of the formation, do not cross over. Just move forward. If the opening is not in your lane and the other lane is not moving forward, motion to those riders to do so. They may not know what to do.          


Entry/Parking (1) Single file is automatic unless otherwise signaled. Follow the bike in front of you. If room allows, the leader will drive to the far end of a parking area, left or right side, make a turn out to back the bike in. The bike in front of you does not start to back in until you made your turn out. (2) 2 Fingers up means you enter 2 x 2 and stay in formation. The lead will park facing out 2x2 stacking behind. If that fills up a second group of 2x2 will form on the left or right also facing forward. (3) 4 Fingers up means Quad parking, 4 bikes to a standard parking spot, find what you can. Attempt to group.




There is no requirement of the New London Motorcycle Club to wear the club colors or any specific garments with the exception of the Honor Guard, or when riding in parades, which requires Honor Guard wear. However; it is strongly encouraged that members display club colors when on their motorcycles, with or without the club, solo, and even when they are not on their motorcycle in the off season. You are the best advertisement for the club.


Standard Wear:

The standard wear for the club is a black leather vest with the club patch. If you endeavor to purchase a new vest be sure to get lace up sides with heavy duty laces. This way you can expand the vest to wear over cold weather clothing.


The Vest:

  1. 12” large patch should go on the back
  2. The patch should be located 6” from the top for all vest (L) large and bigger.
  3. The patch should be located a ½ inch less from the top for each size smaller.
  4. Though not prohibited, other patches makes the vest look busy distracting attention from the main patch. Not encouraged, not prohibited.
  5. The brass nameplate should be located on the front left side, slightly above the top front snap of the vest. The only thing that should be worn above the nameplate is an American Flag. Nothing should be higher than the Flag.
  6. 3” small round patch should be located on the right side of the vest.  

Honor Guard Uniform:

  1. Black boots that will take a shine.
  2. Black jeans
  3. White L/S or S/S T-shirt w/graphics on sleeves only. L/S or S/S will be called for by the Honor Guard Captain as the uniform of the day.
  4. Black Ascot hat w/small round patch sewn on the front. Off bike & parade wear.
  5. Black/Gloss shorty helmet for road riding into an event
  6. Black leather vest (laced sides)
    1. Large Round Patch only on the back
    2. Special Brass Nameplate only on the front left breast side


Standard Wear:

A.    Standard black Vest

B.     Black Ascot, Baseball, or Knit style hat

C.     White Honor Guard Shirt or blank white L/S or S/S t-shirt

D.    Black Helmet any style when helmets are required or desired.


NOTE: These are minimum standards set in place for the image of the Club and ultimately for the success of the Club. Exceptions may be made for brand new members not prepared. It is not our intention to leave anyone out if possible.




 CLICK HERE to download additional information regarding CLUB ETIQUETTE