New London

              Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Rider Training
The New London Motorcycle Club offers remedial education, safety instruction, and motorcycle rider skills training for both novice and advanced riders.  We offer this to our club members free of charge.

The intent is to take those riders who have successfully completed MSF training and who have a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver's license, but lack riding confidence, to become more comfortable and proficient in skilled riding.  These training sessions are also for the rider that is proficient in riding but wants to advance their skills to a higher level.


1. You must have a valid Connecticut motorcycle license endorsement.
2. You must provide your own motorcycle for training.
3. You must have valid and current motorcycle insurance.

Training Sessions Include the following:

1. Rider Safety Instruction 
    a. Rules of the road
    b. Hand signals
    c. Group riding etiquette

2. Education 
    a. Know your motorcycle
    b. Basic safety checks
    c. Techniques to make you a better rider
    d. Confidence building

3. Training
    a. Techniques and instruction on premise in our designated training area
    b. Individual on road riding with the trainer
    c. On road group riding with the trainer and additional club members

Practice and training on Mondays at 6:00PM at the NLMC club house.

Questions? E-mail the Motorcycle Training Instructor at